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Adventist News Roundup: Gourmet Steak Edition

This was a week of SDA giveaways, and Black Voice News reports that pop singer Little Richard, an Oakwood College alum*, participated by tossing free rolled up posters into a crowd at San Manuel Casino in Southern California, promoting the book “Finding Peace Within,” the retitled version of Ellen White’s “Steps to Christ.” According to the article, Little Richard has been combining music performance and his unique ministry for 20 years.

Speaking of free swag, ABC affiliate WHSV in Shenandoah, Virginia, shares this video blurb on the Waynesboro Seventh-day Adventist Church, which offered free $10 gas cards to the first 100 people to show up at the church. The promotion engendered good will and provided publicity for the small suburban congregation.

The Parker Adventist Hospital in Colorado isn’t giving things away, but the hospital is providing $1,000 fixed-price colonoscopies (a significantly reduced cost) to the uninsured. The hospital’s website notes that “Parker Adventist Hospital and the doctors have significantly reduced charges so that patients who otherwise could not afford a colonoscopy have access to this important screening.”

The hospital’s fixed-price colonoscopy provides an intriguing conversation piece amid vigorous national debate on health care reform, but it was Parker Hospital’s executive chef, Daniel Skay, who made headlines in the Wall Street Journal this week.

His Machaca Flat Iron Steak With Cilantro Tomalito and Corn Chile Sauce (pictured above) earned Skay the distinction of top hospital chef in a culinary competition held in Indian Wells, California.

The WSJ writes that city executives often dine at Parker Adventist Hospital because of its reputation for serving excellent cuisine, a rarity for any hospital.

Finally, The Star reports that the Penang Adventist Hospital, in concert with Adventist Laymen’s Services and Industries (ASI), will provide free heart surgeries for fifteen low-income children from Sabah Malaysia’s rural areas.

Over 530 children from countries including Cambodia, Indonesia and the Philippines have received corrective procedures at Penang Adventist Hospital under the Heart Patient’s Fund, established in 1988.

*This version of the roundup omits a reference to Little Richard’s being an ordained Adventist minister, as that fact is in dispute. Black Voice News, which printed the report on Little Richard, refers to the singer as an ordained Adventist Minister.

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