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Adventism in Google Ngrams

Let us begin 2011 remembering where God has led in the past, or at least how the occurrence of various words in books relate to Adventist meaning. Below are a number of Ngrams, thanks to Google Labs, that allow one to search through much of published history to track how often certain phrases appear in relation to each other.

I am not a statistician, and I am uncomfortable deducing too much here, but it is interesting to see what questions can be posed and informed through this application. My apologies for the blurriness of the graphs. Each one is linked so you can view it in your web browser.

When did the offspring of the Millerite movement come into its own? To look at the I’ve compared the occurrence of the terms “Millerite” and “Adventist” in American books in the last two hundred years,

The connection between “apocalypse” and “Adventist” in the last 150 years. What does this tell us about our relationship to “apocalypse”?

What does this say about the relationship between Seventh-day Adventists and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Vegetarianism and Adventism. There were times when Adventism was more “popular” than vegetarianism. When did that begin to change?

No wonder it seems that there’s all this recent talk about religion vs. spirituality.

Here’s one I just tossed together since I am teaching The Brothers Karamazov (1880) this term.

In the comments, please embed or link to your own Ngrams or suggest some terms that we should explore further.

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