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ADRA Japan Blogs Its Response

Hideo Watanabe, Program Officer of ADRA Japan reached the affected area of Fukushima.


Hideo left the office in Harajuku at 14:00 (JST) of March 12 for the northeastern part of the country by road. He has seen the roads being collapsed and cracks along the way but the recovery work is also underway.


He reached SDA Church in Fukushima city just before 21:00 (JST). Within 30 minutes, he visited the prefectural head quarters of disaster control, getting feedback on the situation on the ground. For a safety reason, Hideo is staying overnight at Fukushima city and will be headed to Miyagi tomorrow morning (March 13).


Based on the information collected at Fukushima as well as the one which will be gathered once he reaches in Miyagi, ADRA Japan will determine our further response and assistance carefully. We will keep updating the reports from the assessment by our staff members in this blog.

In earlier posts, ADRA Japan reports:

ADRA continues to open a rest-area at the Central Tokyo Adventist Church in Harajuku, Shibuya, where ADRA Japan Office is located, for those who could not go home due to the malfunctioning public transportation systems. The rest-area provides food, water, restroom facilities, WiFi internet connection, and news from media. Close to 200 people used the facility, and about 30 people spent the night of Fri the 11th.

“Is it possible to get a Onigiri (Japanese traditional rice-ball) here? I learned from Twitter that you are supporting people who could not go home tonight,” a middle-aged lady entered into the ADRA Japan’s rest-area. We offered her some food and tea, and she rested at the rest-area for a while. When she walked out from the rest-area, she said “Thank you very much for your help – please use this to buy more food and tea for other people in need” and donated 3,000 yen (approximately 25USD) to ADRA Japan.

Follow ADRA Japan on Twitter. Read their posts here.

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