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ADRA Board Dismisses President


Rudi Maier, president of the Adventist Development and Relief Agency, was dismissed on June 24 during a special Sunday board meeting. This ends a rocky year and a half for ADRA including mass lay-offs, a series of voluntary resignations, the hiring of unqualified people, and reports of bizarre behavior. A former consultant for ADRA, Maier was handpicked by church president Ted Wilson. As Spectrum reported in the fall of 2010 from the Annual Council at the General Conference:

Just the day before this prayer and testimony session in the GC Chapel, there had been adroit maneuvering to force an abrupt change in the leadership of the Adventist Development and Relief Association, or to put it another way: Charles Sandefur was fired. President Wilson, a newly elected member to the ADRA Board, told the constituted group (in which only 2 of 13 lay members were in attendance) that he could not support Sandefur…. In the end, Wilson proposed a new name for president—Rudi Maier, professor of international development at Andrews University—and his election was voted. There was no search committee or process involving the Board. Maier was called directly from the meeting, immediately agreed to the position, and was in Silver Spring the following Monday to begin the transition…. What is the significance of these changes and the manner in which they were made? What role will ADRA play in the Wilson administration?

The Adventist Review reports that a “retired senior General Conference administrator” has been asked by the board to temporarily fill in. Spectrum will update this story. We now have a dedicated reporter digging deeper into what happened at the humanitarian organization. Here is a list of our past coverage of Rudi Maier’s tenure.

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