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ADRA Adrift: One Year Later

On February 22, 2011, in a move that shocked all levels of the organization, the new head of the Adventist Development and Relief Agency, Rudi Maier, cut twenty percent of the headquarters staff and demoted or changed the positions of several others. Now, a year later, the organization continues to shrink in mission and manpower with a steady stream of key employees finding work elsewhere, including several senior level staff. 

Significantly, ADRA has now lost all of its internal auditors. They resigned.

Their reasons for leaving include serious concerns with how donations are being handled, feeling personally attacked by their superiors, and a general sense that the organization that they love is dysfunctional and adrift.

In the coming weeks, Spectrum will be sharing a series of reports based on conversations and documents provided by past and present ADRA employees. 

Here are two stories from this past year that we’ve written on the changes at ADRA. If you have additional information, please contact us. 

Turmoil at the Adventist Development and Relief Agency

Is ADRA Changing Itself More Than the World?


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