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Trans-Woman | Struggle and Triumph


On this episode of Imago Gei, Randi Robertson discusses her journey as a trans woman married to her college sweetheart and working as an Air Force pilot for 22 years—as well as being an instructor for a Christian university.

As we end Women's History Month, we are going out with thoughtful consideration of gender and the implications of being a woman or trans woman, both in the church and in society.

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Imago Gei is a podcast brought to you by Kendra Arsenault, Spectrum, and SDA Kinship to share the latest on queer theology, stories, and a minority perspective on faith.


Kendra Arsenault, MDiv, is the host of the Imago Gei podcast and a graduate of the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary.

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On this episode of the Imago Gei podcast, Randi Robertson discusses her journey as a trans woman and her career as an Air Force pilot.

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