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Ghosts of Cultural Memories

Integrating Self: Identity Journeys in Adventism with Kevin McCarty is a limited Spectrum podcast series.

Growing up in Washington State, Anthony saw two very different cultural sides to Adventism. With a move to Seattle so his father could pastor a mainly Black church, Anthony realized how much of his image of church was based on “white suburbia.” This awakening forced him to search out his own Blackness and what it might mean to be Caribbean.

“I think this is a borderline universal fear, it’s that fear, like what if I’m myself in front of this new group of people and they don’t accept me? What if I bring my true self, as I actually am, not a projection, but the real me, will I be accepted? Will I be loved? Will I be enough?” 

Listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or below:

Also check out Anthony’s podcast, Seeking What They Sought, as they ask “What is an Adventist?”

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