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Disquisitive: Who Gets to Mind God’s Business?

Integrating Self: Identity Journeys in Adventism with Kevin McCarty is a limited Spectrum podcast series.

Growing up in Kenya, Jeanne was confused by God’s calling into pastoral ministry, as she never knew women could be any kind of church leader. With time spent in the United States during her university years, Jeanne came to see the unique ways God equips people for the work he has planned. Returning to Kenya with her PhD in urban planning and development, she chose instead to be known as pastor Jeanne.

“I’m so grateful to God that he took me out of the environment in which I was raised. I loved the environment I was raised in because it created a wonderful, strong foundation for me in my Adventist faith. However, I was a good Adventist, but I was not a good Christian, and there’s a great distinction between the two.”

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