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Yale’s Nancy Berlinger Presents LLU Lecture on Healer Harm


Video Sabbath School commentary for discussion on August 21, 2021

Credit where it’s due, the Adult Bible Study Guide for this week asks important questions about health, care, and failure. How do we keep faith when the human or divine healer seems impotent? It states: "As we explore the topic of rest from pain and suffering, we also will contemplate the question that all of us, at some point or another in our Christian walk, have experienced. What happens when our prayers for healing aren’t answered? How do we find rest then?”

For the 2020 Jack W Provonsha Lectureship at Loma Linda University's 88th Annual Postgraduate Convention, Nancy Berlinger, PhD, explores these difficult questions from the caregiver's perspective in her talk, "After Harm, Truth telling, Apology, Repair, Forgiveness in Healthcare." She is the author of After Harm: Medical Error and the Ethics of Forgiveness (2005) and teaches health care ethics at Yale University School of Nursing.

How should we respond to one another after someone is harmed by someone who's goal was to heal? 

How should we care for people who are seriously ill or nearing the end of life?

How should we manage moral problems produced by health care systems and policy? 

You can watch the lecture below, or on YouTube.


Alexander Carpenter is the executive editor elect of Spectrum

Image Credit: Yale School of Medicine


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