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Statement of the Franco-Belgian Union (FBU) Following the Recent Deadly Attacks in France


After the recent acts of horror, the Seventh-day Adventist Church in France condemns all forms of violence, and more, under the pretext of religious intolerance or the imposition of a faith.

Pastor Ruben de Abreu, president of the FBU declared:

“These recent manifestations of violence that undermine human dignity are to be condemned. I take this opportunity to express our solidarity and our prayers for the families and loved ones of the victims targeted by these appalling attacks.”

When asked about the place that violence occupies in current events, Ruben de Abreu continues:

“This condemnation also applies to everything that unfortunately happens every day in other parts of the world. All forms of violence, whatever its nature, has no place in our society, and even less so in the religious world where tolerance, freedom of conscience and peace must be promoted.”

The Seventh-day Adventist Church works tirelessly for the defense of the rights and freedoms of each individual and for the preservation of life, values, well-being and security of citizens.

The original statement was published on this web site.


This article was written by Pedro Torres and originally appeared on the Inter-European Division. website.

Image courtesy BIA of Inter-European Division website.


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