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Online Event: Michael Scofield at the Asheville Forum

The Ashville Adventist Forum invites you to participate in a virtual event on Saturday, February 25, at 3:00 p.m. (eastern time). Michael Scofield will present “Where Adventists Get Their Beliefs.”

There is a long, multi-step path between the ancient author of Scripture and the common beliefs taught to Adventist members. Most Adventists (and fundamentalist Christians for that matter) are oblivious to the many steps of copying, translation, redaction, canonization, and additional translation applied to the scriptural text as we have it. Some may dismiss the entire process as divinely guided. Evidence argues otherwise. 

Much of the Protestant Bible we have today benefits from the ecclesiastical organization and monasteries of the Roman Catholic Church and R.C. culture and tradition. The modern Adventist Church has gone through many changes in its fundamental beliefs, and yet popular beliefs at the grassroots level often differ significantly from documented doctrinal statements authored by the General Conference. This presentation includes a discussion of those pop doctrines and what sources influence them. 

Please note that this is a Zoom meeting. If you would like to attend, email to receive Zoom login details.

Bio: Michael Scofield, MBA, is a sixth-generation Adventist. He got his BS from La Sierra University and his graduate degree from UCLA. While he spent most of his career in information technology and data management, he has maintained a keen interest in cultural and institutional Adventism. He served on the Pacific Union Conference Church Structure Committee and the GC’s Lay Evangelism Research & Planning Committee. Now, semi-retired, he holds an adjunct faculty position at Loma Linda University where he teaches in the graduate program in nursing administration. He also speaks all over the US (and in the UK, Canada, and Australia) to professional audiences on economics and data management. 

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