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How The Generosity of Spectrum Readers Keeps Independent Journalism Vibrant


Spring fund drive season is in full swing at public radio and television stations around the country. Here at Spectrum, another media that depends on the gifts of its readers to survive, a letter has gone out to the members of Adventist Forum seeking support. And now that the online audience for Spectrum is larger than that of the print journal, we also need our online readers to pitch in to keep independent Adventist journalism vibrant. Please do your part by donating today. Here is the letter I wrote to our members.

Dear friends,

Ten years ago, Spectrum’s open conversation helped me find a place in Adventism to continue growing spiritually.  I mistakenly believed there was no place in the church to have frank discussions which were not dismissive of the issues impacting my faith.  Through discovering the journal, the newly developed website, and then the annual conferences, I realized the reality of the tagline: community through conversation.  I was not alone.

Through the pages of the journal, the ever evolving website, and the progression of annual conferences, Spectrum continues to open space for conversation. This year, a new kind of annual conference is in the works. We are planning an arts festival entitled Ultraviolet.  From musicians to film makers, visual artists to spoken word artists, professionals to patrons, and experienced to novice, all will be invited to share in a communal expression of hope. In particular, we hope young Adventist creative types will experience encouragement and community.  They are not alone.

Also this year, the Spectrum board of directors has initiated a petition to vote yes on the question to allow divisions, as they may deem it appropriate in their territories, to make provision for the ordination of women to the gospel ministry.  Found at, this initiative provides a way for Adventists from around the world and across the liberal/conservative divide to join together in affirming Adventist unity.  We are united in the One we serve, not by our various definitions of who can serve.  We are not alone.

As we move toward the 2015 GC Session, Spectrum is assembling the most extensive staff of reporters and commentators yet.  We have hired a new website editor, Jared Wright, to advance the independent reporting, thoughtful opinion, and intentional inclusion of marginalized voices that Spectrum is known for.  A new commenting system has been implemented with a click required to access comments in order to decrease negativity on the main website.  In addition, we are preparing a survey to explore ways that we can continue to decrease negativity and encourage more diverse participation through all of the conversation venues which Spectrum facilitates.

These initiatives are vital in bringing together our diverse community.  As we inhabit the in-between state with gratitude for Jesus’s first Advent and hope in Christ’s second Advent, we need to remind one another that we are not alone.  We have one another, the beloved community, infused with the Spirit to support and encourage one another.  

If you value our diverse Adventist community as I do, would you join me in supporting Spectrum through reading articles, engaging in discussions, attending conferences and supporting these efforts with your financial gifts?  Together, we can live into God’s boundary-breaking Kingdom.

Brenton Reading, member
Adventist Forum Board of Directors

Four ways to support the reporting and the community that you rely on:


1. DONATE ONLINE. Click on an icon below to go to our secure donation page and to fund reporting on the big topics coming this summer.

2. CALL OUR OFFICE at (916) 774-1080

3. MAIL A CHECK to Spectrum,
 P.O. Box 619047,
 Roseville, CA 95661-9047

4. DONATE SECURELY VIA PAYPAL. Click the Donate Button Below. (The page will say “Association of Adventist Forum”)


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