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Grateful New Year Greetings


In early December 2019, when we reviewed our finances, it looked like we were significantly behind our annual fundraising goals. The cancellation of our Annual Conference due to Hurricane Dorian had apparently affected us significantly. Then came the December Miracle, with gifts large and small from long-time donors, regular members, and new friends. From Australia, Alabama, Minnesota, Hawaii came checks. There were Paypal donations large and small, a couple of stock transfers, direct distributions from retirement accounts, credit card payments. It was our best December ever in fifty years of fundraising with donations totaling over $130,000.

We are beyond grateful for this wonderful outpouring of support. Thank you to each and every one of you who sent a year-end contribution to Spectrum. You have made it possible for us to face the new year with confidence. Your donations will help us meet our everyday deadlines and plan for the future.

Independent journalism has become a significant “cause” in today’s media landscape. Whether it is your local newspaper, public radio station, national news outlet or magazine, all are requesting support from their readers/listeners. Like these other entities, Spectrum is also dependent upon its readers, members, and friends.

So, we thank you for your generosity from the bottom of our hearts. Together we will keep our community through conversation lively and significant.


Bonnie Dwyer is editor of Spectrum.

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