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General Conference Releases 2022 Session Agenda


The General Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church has released the official agenda for the 2022 GC Session, taking place June 6–11 in St. Louis, Missouri. The 111-page document outlines the topics that will be covered during the session’s business meetings. 

Similar to the 2015 session, there will be votes on a “Resolution on the Holy Bible” and a “Statement of Confidence in the Writings of Ellen G White.” There will be the customary executive reports, along with motions to accept several new unions into the world church structure. Much of the agenda concerns language changes throughout the Church Manual, the 227-page document that governs overall church policy. Some proposed changes include adjusting language about which outside speakers can present at local churches, adding a clause to allow auditing of church records by higher organizational authorities, and introducing language to make Adventist Possibility Ministries—an initiative addressing ministry to people with special needs—more significant at the local church level. 

A question that has been on the minds of many church members is whether women’s ordination, the defining issue of the 2015 session, will be addressed this year. But as first indicated in recent church business meetings, issues around ordination and compliance do not directly appear on the agenda—though traces of the tension remain. In one instance, revised language about the qualifications of conference presidents, a position that requires ordination, retains exclusively male pronouns. 

While the agenda contains details about the session’s proposed policy items, as usual, it says little about the nominating committee's work. This process, which takes place behind closed doors, selects the candidates for General Conference executive positions, division staff, the corporation board of directors, and the auditing service board. For more on these consequential elections, you can follow Spectrum’s coverage leading up to and during the session.

Click here for the full 2022 GC Session agenda.


Title image credit: 2022 GC Session Agenda

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