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Free Intelligent Conversation


Andrews University students launched “Free Intelligent Conversation” three years ago and it’s grown into an international trend with people in cities from Illinois to Italy and everywhere in between participating. In this TEDx video, Kyle Emile discusses why he and some friends started the movement and how the world benefits from intelligent conversations.

He says, “My working definition of intelligence is that we think everyone is intelligent. More important than the collected information we have is the life experience we each possess. And because we each have this unique combination of life experiences, we always have something to share, and we always have something to learn from someone else. It’s when these experiences are shared that intelligent conversation takes place.”

Watch the TEDx video below and then join the movement by starting your own free intelligent conversation.

More information on Free Intelligent Conversation can be found on their website or by following them on Twitter at @freeic.

Alisa Williams is Spirituality Editor for

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