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Adventist Peace Fellowship Announces New Leadership


On Monday, December 30, 2019, the Adventist Peace Fellowship announced new leadership to replace former director Jeff Boyd who stepped down after nearly five years in the role. Continuing Boyd’s work in the role will be co-directors Lisa Clark Diller and Karah Thompson. Also announced was new APF Board member Daniel Xisto.

The announcement from Thompson and Diller is republished below in full:

Dear Fellow Justice Workers and Peace Makers,

God works at His best when we feel our great need of Him. Thank you all for allowing Him to use you in His astonishing and yet often quiet and mysterious ways.

Our biggest change this year came when Jeff Boyd alerted us to his need to step down from directorship after nearly five years of leading the team. During his leadership we added staffing for the peace church and university chapter networks, started the podcast, and made connections with an increasingly diverse group of Adventists committed to justice. Thanks so much, Jeff, for your tirelessness on behalf of APF, both as secretary and then as director.

The new director is…. TWO people. Yes, it takes two of us to replace one of Jeff. We, Lisa Clark Diller and Karah Thompson, are the new co-directors. Look out for a podcast episode soon that features a conversation about this transition. Our focus will be on expanding the presence of APF at Adventist events, increasing social media, and developing a speakers bureau for churches and groups to tap into on the themes of APF.

During the leadership transition period, the APF Board added its newest member, Daniel Xisto, Pastor of Church Operations & Community Engagement at the Takoma Park Seventh-day Adventist Church. We welcome him to the team, and many of you already know him from his appearances on the Adventist Peace Radio podcast.

This year has been one of strengthening the network for peace within the Adventist church and in our Adventist Peace Network. This summer, our Adventist Peace Radio podcast partnered with Nathan Brown to produce weekly episodes following the Sabbath School Quarterly, focusing on social justice in Scripture. We were able to feature many of our APF partners and those working in local churches as well as writers and scholars who lift up Jesus' call to justice. The content has enduring value, so we invite you to catch any episodes you may have missed — “Least of These” series webpage.

Our church network continues to strengthen, with 2 additions in the works. And Marci Corea, our APF university chapter coordinator, visited three campuses this year, connecting with college students who are excited about our church's commitment to justice and peace. Two Adventist universities — Walla Walla and Southern — had Adventist Peace Week events, with plans to continue this tradition in the coming year.

We would love to be able to continue this work, and it isn't possible without your contributions. Thank you so much for thinking of APF at this time of year, especially as we transition our leadership and strengthen our core communication and support systems. To directly contribute to this mission, we invite you to give online by clicking "donate" here.

We are grateful for the mercies of God and the community of the saints and the encouragement that comes when we work together for the Kingdom.


Karah Thompson & Lisa Clark Diller
Co-Directors, Adventist Peace Fellowship


For more information about Adventist Peace Fellowship, visit the website here. Logo courtesy of APF.


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