Maranatha Mission Stories: Rebuilding Paradise

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January 24, 2020

How 400 volunteers built hope for a town destroyed by wildfire. 

This 25-minute video tells the story of the Camp Fire, how the Paradise Adventist Church responded, and how Maranatha got involved. Learn more about the church’s community outreach efforts, including the Paradise shed project and “Love Paradise.”

Watch the latest Maranatha Mission Stories episode, “Rebuilding Paradise,” below:

“Maranatha Mission Stories: Rebuilding Paradise” will air on 3ABN and Hope Channel this weekend. Check your local listings for details. It is also available on the Maranatha website and YouTube channel.


Further Reading:

Volunteers Build 202 Sheds for Fire Survivors,” Julie Z. Lee, Maranatha Volunteers International

Finding Community after the Camp Fire” by Alex Aamodt, the Roy Branson Investigative Reporter for Spectrum.

Paradise Adventist Academy: A School without a Town” by Alex Aamodt, the Roy Branson Investigative Reporter for Spectrum.


Alisa Williams is managing editor of This video was provided for distribution by Maranatha Volunteers International.

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