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Choir Zoom Sabbath School March 30: The Simple Power of Common Hymns

Joyful Noises: The Simple Power of Common Hymns” is the topic in CZSS on March 30 at 9:30 PDT. Tom Dybdahl will present. 

Growing up Adventist, we’re surrounded by so many hymns we often don’t pay much attention to what we’re singing. But as an adult, Tom has found these songs to be a continuing source of strength, comfort, and joy. In the class he’ll share some of the hymns that have been his companions over the years, and he looks forward to hearing about some of your favorites.

Tom Dybdahl is an investigative journalist and retired public defender who has recently published When Innocence Is Not Enough: Hidden Evidence and the Failed Promise of the Brady Rule. 

Here is your Zoom link, which is the same every week:

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