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Asheville Adventist Forum March 30: Whence Comes The Great Controversy Idea

Greetings, Asheville Forum Community, 

I am happy to invite you to our next meeting, which is scheduled for March 30 at 3:00 P.M. Eastern time. Our speaker will be Ed Reifsnyder. Ed was originally from Maryland. His Mother was from from Raleigh, NC, his Father from Pennsylvania. They met at Mount Pisgah Academy, where they returned three additional times in life. Ed’s first job after college was in Hendersonville, working for an Adventist CPA firm. He was one of the founders of AdventHealth in 1973. Subsequently was a healthcare consultant for 30 years.  He has written for both Spectrum and Adventist Today. He is currently an officer of the Board of Adventist Today.

The title of his presentation to us will be “Whence Comes The Great Controversy Idea?”  Here are the topics he will address:

                  a. Did the great controversy idea originate with Ellen White?

                   b. He will trace the history of related themes;

                   c. Evaluate similarities between Ellen White’s descriptions of the great controversy and other sources;

                   d. Discuss the rationality of the  great controversy idea.

Our meetings are all Zoom meetings.  Here is what you will need to log-in to our meeting:

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