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Last week, we fussed over which set of clothes to wear for work.

Last week, we argued with each other over which way to vote on election day.

Last week, we scrolled through our collection of movies and shows – fretting about which one we wanted to consume in our free time.

Last week, we grumbled about how our loved one forgot to pick up that one thing from the store on their way home.

Last week, we kissed those same loved ones to bed.

Last week, we slept.


This week, we re-wore the same t-shirt that smelt of smoke because it was the only one we managed to grab while rushing our loved ones to the car.

This week, we collaborated with each other about how to rebuild our lives and community from nothing.

This week, we spent our free time waiting to find out if our houses were still standing or if our loved ones were alive.

This week, we were offered free food from complete strangers and given more by friends.

This week, we held every person we knew closer than ever and didn’t let go.

This week, we awoke to something new.

This week, we became family.


Christopher Kam works as a hospital chaplain for Adventist Health: Feather River Hospital and lives/lived in Paradise, California with his wife and 10-month-old daughter. He graduated with a degree in English from Pacific Union College and worked for 2 years on his Masters of Divinity at La Sierra University before pursuing a future with his family in his wife's hometown where they lived for several years before it burned down in the Camp Fire.

Photo: The ruins of the Paradise Adventist Church. Photo taken by Christopher Kam.


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