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Psalms 23 (Modified For Those Who Like Ice Cream)


Psalms 23 (Modified For Those Who Like Ice Cream)


The Lord makes me ice cream on a hot summer day,

               I don't need anything else (Just taste what He offers and know it is very good!)

He lets me lie down in a tub of cool, peeled bananas,

and then shares His special chocolate chip mint with me.

We talk together and compare notes,

               as we discover new stores and try new flavors.


Even though I sometimes travel the rocky road, I am not afraid,

               because You are holding my hand.


You have given me a five-course meal that includes dessert,

               while those that tease and mock me did not get invited.

You pour a gallon of chocolate syrup over my head,

               and Vanilla scoops fill up and fall out of my bowl.

Your spoon helps me eat it all,

               thankfully, Your napkins always clean my face.


For sure, God's love will wash over me every day that I breathe;

               And I will sit in God's ice cream parlor forever.


Dennis Hollingsead works in the Office of Development at Andrews University. This version of Psalm 23 was conceived while teaching 5th and 6th grade Juniors at Pioneer Memorial Church in Berrien Springs, MI, and was created to make the Bible alive, relevant, and memorable using new and contemporary word pictures.

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