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Prayer during the Pandemic


Prayer during the Pandemic


When the lights go off

The internet blinks out

The computer screens

Give one last, lonely zap!


When the dishwasher, the TV, and the radio

Fall silent

And the phones, cell and land,

Cease their calling


When the gas runs out

The cars and trucks and buses and vans and jets

Become campsites

In the forest


When humans huddle together in small bands

Around those who can

Make fire

Grow food

Tell stories


(If I am still alive)


May I be blessed to know

An aging man with a long curly ponytail

Who plays

The vibraphone.


Four mallets at a time,

The clear, full tones

Will rise in the dark night air

Like sparks from a campfire


As they did last night

In a concert hall

Full of empty seats.


Civilization itself

Played its heart out

Embers burning bright.


Nancy Lecourt is a retired English teacher and administrator living near the PUC Demonstration and Experimental Forest in Angwin, California.

Photo by Kevin Erdvig on Unsplash


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