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Woman: From The Collected Poems of Ezrica Bennett Celebrating the Complexity of Womanhood  

Din, une tres belle negresse #2 by Mickalene Thomas, 2012

By Ezrica Bennett

She conceived a dream 
and it grew within 
Until fear and despondency 
Brought that dream to an end  

She felt broken.
Like glass 
Until she saw 
the delicate color 
And the masterpiece 
Her broken pieces made

She curated peace
like a playlist, 
deleting anyone or anything 
that disturbed it.

She radiated freedom
like beams of light 
because out of all the people she could be, 
she finally chose to be herself 

She nourished life with 
her tongue 
the words she spoke 
caused gardens to flourish in 
arid hearts 

She gave life.  
not just at birth, 
but with every early morning, 
and every smile, 
with every late night, 
through victory and trial 
Life was cultivated through forfeited dream. 
Through the pang of pain she felt and abandoned 
for the betterment of me. 
Willingly, she siphoned virtue from her veins 
and transfused it into mine. 
it wasn’t a trade, 
it was a sacrifice
a miracle, a testament 
A touch of the Divine 

Image: “Din, une tres belle negresse #2” by Mickalene Thomas, 2012. Brooklyn Museum.

About the author

Ezrica Bennett graduated with a bachelor’s degree in biology from Oakwood University. She has worked as a book editor for the Loma Linda University School of Medicine and has written for the Adventist Review and the Southeastern California Conference. She is a writer, public speaker, and coach, passionate about working with young adults to help them navigate life and faith, and a youth elder at the Loma Linda University Church. More from Ezrica Bennett.
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