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Monday Meditation: The Forgotten African History of Christianity


During this year’s Black History Month, Dr. Benjamin Baker, Spectrum guest editor for February and founder of, shares videos with us from his “Essential Playlist on Black Adventism.”

The following conversation originally appeared in 2019. Dr. Trevor O’Reggio, chair of the Department of Church History at Andrews University, talks with Kendra Arsenault and Michelle Odinma about the “contributions of non-western African Christianity to the foundations of Christian faith.”

 “When we look at the actual development of the early church, we see this was primarily an African/Asian religion,” O’Reggio says. “The greatest center of early Christianity was an Afro-Asiatic city, which is Alexandria. This is where the great early theologians of the church were centered. Men like Athanasius, Alexander, Tertullian, Origen, even Augustine himself, the father of medieval theology—almost all of them are African.”

You can watch the full conversation below. 


Alex Aamodt is managing editor of

Title image: screenshot from the Advent Next podcast

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