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Jesus’ Favorite Food


What do you suppose God eats? Jesus said that if we have seen Him, we have seen the Father. So maybe the better question would be, what did Jesus eat, and what are His favorite foods? Remember that in the Middle East, the custom is that when you like something, you ask for another helping. To do otherwise, would not be polite. So, whenever Jesus ate food on this earth, He probably had a second helping.

Having recently arrived in heaven, some humans are planning a special meal for Jesus to thank him for saving them from sin and bringing them to heaven. Abraham is there along with Gideon, Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego, Jesus’ mother Mary, Peter, James, and John, as well as Adam, Eve, and Pastor Dwight Nelson. They are all sitting around a table and brainstorming about what Jesus’ favorite food was, and what to prepare for supper.

Abraham said, “I know what His favorite foods are; it’s roasted veal, flatbread, and curds!”

“Oh no!” said Peter. “He really likes fish. In fact, He cooked fish for us disciples at the shore of Galilee soon after His resurrection.”

“That’s right,” said James and John the Sons of Thunder, “We were there and ate fish with Him for breakfast.”

Abraham replied, “Well, maybe fish is okay for breakfast but we are thinking about supper.”

Gideon said, “I think we need to be careful. I brought him baby goat with soup and flat cakes and placed all of it on a rock. Then He burned it up with His staff for a sweet-smelling sacrifice! Maybe He will just burn whatever we fix.”

Daniel and his three friends had been quietly whispering to themselves when Daniel finally spoke, “The four of us think that pulse and water will do just fine. Anything more than that will be too fancy and probably have too many calories! Besides, we think that a vegan meal would be best.”

Gideon said, “Maybe the pulse could be used as a burnt sacrifice.”

Adam and Eve had been listening with interest to all the suggestions. Adam finally said, “We are not sure what the word ‘vegan’ means, or what it would taste like, but we do know His favorite fruit is — the Tree of Life!”

“Yes!” added Eve. “That just HAS to be His favorite fruit!”

It was then that Pastor Dwight Nelson spoke up. “I know that each of you have had some special food experiences with Jesus. Nevertheless, I think we should consider having a large casserole dish of cottage cheese loaf, with slices of Wham, and several pitchers of Kafree Tea.

Abraham interrupted, “See, there is another vote for curds!”

Finally, Mary spoke, “Some of you may not know this, but I was His mother and prepared meals for Him every day for almost 30 years. I think that should help you understand I have actually had the most experience and know exactly what His favorite foods are for breakfast, lunch, and supper. The foods He likes best are flatbread, olives, raisins, figs, pomegranates, grapes, honey, and almonds. By the way Pastor Nelson, I have several questions. What is cottage cheese loaf? What is Kafree Tea? And I don’t think I have ever seen a Wham. Is that like roasted lamb, and how do you prepare it?”

Pastor Nelson replied, “Well, cottage cheese loaf is made with cottage cheese—duh! Kafree Tea is a substitute for tea without caffeine and we drink it instead of coffee. Wham is made from soybeans to taste like ham, and we slice it to put in sandwiches.”

Mary said, “Pastor Nelson, I really have no idea what tea, soybeans, caffeine, or coffee are, but why would you even want something to taste like pork? And who did the taste testing to make sure it tastes like pig?”

Pastor Nelson suggested, “Maybe we need to talk later.”

Abraham spoke again, “I think we are making a big mistake if we don’t prepare a fatted calf with curds!”

Just then, Jesus walked up and said, “How is everything going? What are all of you planning?

Abraham replied, “We have been trying to decide what your favorite food is so we can give you a really nice meal to show our love for you. I said that you liked fatted calf, curds, and flatbread. Peter, James, and John suggested fish. Adam and Eve voted for the Tree of Life. Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego would like to give you pulse for supper. Pastor Nelson suggested that cottage cheese loaf, Wham slices, and Kafree Tea would be appropriate. Your mother Mary said flatbread, olives, raisins, figs, pomegranates, grapes, honey, and almonds are your favorite foods. But Gideon is very afraid that whatever we serve will be burned up as a sweet-smelling sacrifice.

Jesus said, “Don’t worry. I am sure that whatever you provide will not be burned, and I promise not to burn it for you.”

Pastor Nelson asked, “Well, what is your favorite food?”

Jesus replied, “I have meat already of which you know nothing about. My food is doing the will of the Father in gathering all the righteous from earth’s harvest. You are the best meal because I am fully satisfied!”


People with all sorts of dietary habits will be in heaven and will need to learn the principles of healthy living and eating. All of them, like the thief on the cross, will possess a teachable spirit. Everyone will desire to do whatever God shows and asks of him or her! While on earth, Jesus ate lamb, fish, and cheese. What does this tell us about God? That the all-powerful Creator—the One who spoke galaxies into existence—would be willing to come to earth and eat dead animals in order to tell and show us what God the Father is like. How gross sin must be for God to be willing to eat the animals he so lovingly created, just so we can understand His love!


Was Abraham a vegetarian?

Was Jesus a vegetarian?

Why didn’t Adam & Eve suggest some animal to prepare for supper?

Will we eat animals in heaven? No—there will be no death in heaven and the animals will be our friends. We won’t eat our friends in heaven!

Should we ever be critical of what others eat? No. Every person must be fully persuaded in their own mind because everyone must answer to God for the things they do (Romans 14:5, 12).

Additional Comments:

Each person’s view of reality is limited by the experiences they have had within their lifetime. Their language, knowledge, food, and relationships are only their experience and cannot begin to encompass ultimate truth on any topic of discussion. Because of God’s forbearance, that which was allowed in times past, should not be our measurement for determining what truth is now. God has always wanted humans to be as healthy as possible so that we can live longer to testify and work energetically for Him!

“Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God” (1 Corinthians 10:31, NKJV).


Dennis Hollingsead works in the Office of Development at Andrews University.

Photo by Edgar Castrejon on Unsplash


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