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I am Jesus’ Feet, I am Jesus’ Hands


I am Jesus’ feet! I have taken my master around the hills of Nazareth, past the pyramids of Egypt, and into the temple at Jerusalem. Many lame, deaf, blind, and maimed people have been brought before my master to be healed. Jairus fell down in front of me and asked my master to come to his house and heal his daughter. Mary sat in front of me and listened to my master’s words.

A Samaritan leper knelt down in front of me to thank my master. One day I went to a banquet and Mary put perfume on me. Only a week later, when my master was nailed to the cross, I was still dirty because no one had washed me. In the tomb, Angels sat where I had been. On Sunday I traveled in step with two men while my master gave a Bible study.

I am Jesus’ hands! I have swung an ax to cut down trees, and then sawed the logs into boards. I have used hammers, scrapers, planes, and chisels; and been nicked, cut, and scraped by these tools. I have even had splinters removed from me by my master’s mother. I have touched lepers and healed them. I have passed out fish and bread to thousands of people.

One day my master was walking in a large crowd. I saw a sick woman reach her hand out between two disciples and touch the edge of my master’s robe. The same day I took the hand of a little girl. My master raised her to life, and then reminded the parents she was hungry.

My master used me to save Peter from drowning by grabbing his hand, pulling him from the water. I washed the feet of my master’s betrayer, Judas, even though my master knew what he would do. Soldiers gave a reed for me to hold and then mocked my master and slapped His face.

After my master died, Joseph and Nicodemus came to the cross and took a nail puller and yanked the nails from me. Over a week later Thomas touched me where the nails had been.

Because your feet have followed Jesus, and your hands have helped others just as Jesus did, he can admit you to the kingdom. Someday soon, your feet will walk in step with me as we walk along the River of Life with my master, and stand under the Tree of Life. Jesus’ hands will pick some peaches and place two of them in your hands. Jesus and you will eat peaches together with peach juice running down your chins. Then both of you will wade in the water and rinse off your hands, faces, and feet.

When asked “Who are you?” you can say, “I am Jesus’ feet—I am Jesus’ hands!”


Dennis Hollingsead works in the Office of Development at Andrews University. A shorter version of this article first appeared in the Pioneer Memorial Church bulletin on April 6, 2013. It has been revised for Spectrumand is reprinted here with permission.

Image Credit: / agastecheg


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