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Evin Nazya Releases New Single, “Blindfold”

Evin Nazya—the Bahamian indie-alternative R&B dream girl—jumped back into the scene on January 20, 2023, with a new single titled “Blindfold.” Last year proved to be a momentous year for Nazya: she released her EP Small Talk, which so far seems to be the definitive statement of her sound. Her output for the year also included a music video for the EP’s title track, as well as a guest feature on a Kozen song (and if anyone thinks that’s too self-referential for me to say as a member of that band, I raise them one prophet named Moses and Numbers 12:3).

“Blindfold” picks up right where the Small Talk EP left off, continuing to cement Nazya’s penchant for slick, mid-tempo modern R&B production decorated with a dreamy, ethereal vocal delivery. Returning producer @prodxoasis creates an escapist landscape, while Nazya’s lyrics and emotional connection keep the song grounded. The accompanying lyric video makes the song’s themes of relationship psychology more explicit, with Nazya offering the following summary in the caption:

“Blindfold” explores the battle between being fully present and grateful for a good thing while fighting the urge to sabotage that thing out of fear. Sabotage is often rooted in past hurt or failure, which can later manifest into personal triggers. If we’re not deliberate about managing and healing from these triggers, we carry those past misfortunes into present joy when they have no business being there.

It’s this kind of insightful writing that places Evin Nazya at an odd but fascinating intersection in the music scene. Frequently discovered by listeners as one part of a wave of alternative Christian R&B, Nazya nevertheless refuses to be pinned down by religious lyrical stereotypes. While some of her earlier work does evince a more devotional quality, her more recent material has tended to peel back layers of both her own and her listeners’ psyches, taking a dive into aspects of humanity that are still spiritual but less immediately religious.

Cumulatively, Nazya’s work makes a compelling contact point for young Christians who find themselves hungry for something with spiritual depth but who are put off by showy religiosity. Whatever else she has planned for 2023, “Blindfold” certainly sets a good tone.

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Maxwell Aka is a Canadian musician and writer. He performs and records with many musicians and works as a fundraising writer for ADRA Canada.

Photos courtesy of Evin Nazya.

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