• 02/15/2007

    Imagine a Black youngster approaching their Adventist-worker parents with these questions: “Dad/Mom, are all positions in the church open, or are some closed to people like me?," so asks Roy Adams...

  • 02/14/2007

    By Alexander Carpenter Often Adventists have been intellectually torn over how much faith to put in the scientific method. After all, we are the progenitors of George McCready Price and the Loma...

  • 02/09/2007

    By Alexander Carpenter At Pacific Union College (Angwin, CA), like at many Adventist colleges, there exists a debate about the role and relevance of weekly chapels and vespers. Few doubt that...

  • 02/07/2007

    By Alexander Carpenter Some friends of mine at CrossWalk America posted this video and it's gotten almost 2000 views in the last 24 hours. "Two unsuspecting Grand Canyon tour guides representing...



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