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  • 08/16/2006

    By Alexander CarpenterJames Dobson has gradually become more and more involved in Republican party politics. And now it's official. According to their communication folks and today's Washington...

  • 08/15/2006

    It's Spectrum's turn to host the Progressive Interfaith Blog Carnival. Here's what's hot. Pastor Dan at Street Prophets catches the hypocrisy of Pat Robertson, who's apparently not going to win...

  • 08/11/2006

    By Alexander Carpenter Jim Coffin, a Florida Adventist pastor, joined with his community faith leaders to push for peace. As they write in the Orlando Sentinel: Despite a rapid increase in...

  • 08/09/2006

    By Sharon Fujimoto-Johnson We're being inundated with images of destruction and death in the Middle East. And yet from a place of war, come also images of life. Art is an act of creation--the...