Articles by Jean Sheldon

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  • 07/18/2018

    The ancient world was not known for transparency; secret plots on other people, intrigue, scheming, and deceptions formed much of the fabric of ancient judicial courts, penal proceedings, and...

  • 08/30/2017

    Many of us read the Bible in linear fashion in which every narrative, piece of poetry, legal text, and other forms of prose merit equal weight to every other, with every text representing God’s...

  • 07/03/2017

    Much of the Hebrew Bible undermines the prevailing view of power and hierarchical control in the ancient Near East.

  • 12/07/2016

    Most readers of the book of Job find the divine speeches (Job 38-41) bewildering. (To avoid biblical references and footnotes, I merely direct the reader to Linda Jean Sheldon, “The Book of Job as...