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The Conference on the Contours of European Adventism (Day Three)

In the final session on Thursday morning, Dr. Rolf Pöhler, leader of the Institute of Adventist Studies at Friedensau Adventist University, rose to the task which his colleague Stefan Höschele called, “putting together the pieces of the mosaic from the previous two days!”

The Conference on the Contours of European Adventism (Day Two)

The second day of the conference explored further the Mission and Diversity of European Adventism.

The Conference on the Contours of European Adventism (Day One)

Friedensau Adventist University in the former East Germany is deeply rooted in the history of Adventism. Its Institute of Adventist Studies has chosen as the subject for its Third Symposium: “The Contours of European Adventism.” It’s a time of reflection on identity and mission for European Adventist scholars from East and West. Between forty and fifty people in two concentric circles – some presenters, others “guest auditors” participate in a round-table discussion.

The Woman of the Resurrection

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Most of the women in the gospels are known by their connection with a man: a husband, a father, even an employer. Mary of Magdala, a woman characterised by her connection with a town, had no such status.

The Women of the Passion

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Weinstein, #MeToo, and the Ordination of Women

The tales of Harvey Weinstein and the #MeToo campaign may seem far removed from the debate over the ordination of women. But they are not. They are all expressions of widespread mistrust between all sorts of people – and, of course, particularly between men and women. Most significantly, they are symptoms of an unwillingness to recognize and talk about the exercise of power in relationships.

One for All and All for One: Appreciating Dissidence in the Church

The September Diversity lecture at Newbold College of Higher Education was timely. Dissidence in churches is commonplace. In many faith communions, majorities of one stripe find themselves in conflict with minorities of another. The Church of England still in the early days of appointing women bishops, disagrees about liturgy and Biblical interpretation, and disagrees with some of its adherents from the LGBT community. In the Roman Catholic Church, the progressive Pope Francis meets open and fierce resistance from traditionalists.

Bruinsma on Adventists and Religious Freedom

Dr. Reinder Bruinsma, writer, retired pastor and specialist in church history, summarized his paper with a question: How does the freedom that Christ gives translate in how we live our faith and in how we relate to others who practice their faith differently from how we do?

The Steep and Narrow Path to Unity

The Jerusalem Council has been reference point of choice for a great deal of the Adventist church’s discussion of unity and diversity. In her ground-breaking lecture, appropriate for what would usually be the Sabbath School hour, Dr. Olive Hemmings, Professor of Religion at Washington Adventist University and President of the Adventist Society of Religious Studies, gave a profound exposition of scripture.

Policy Matters—It Matters a Lot!

Lowell Cooper, former vice president of the General Conference (1998-2016) clearly recognized that his title "Issues in Church Policy"—especially at the end of a day in which six hours had already been devoted to lectures and discussions—was hardly a subject guaranteed to set the intellectual pulses running.

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