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Dave Thomas

The Personality of the Holy Spirit

The Sabbath School lesson for this week takes up the question of the Personality of the Holy Spirit, exploring the long-time discussion or debate about the nature of the Holy Spirit. Over time, people have had various ideas on this subject. Some have claimed the Holy Spirit to be an emanation from God, that it is an unseen force of some kind, while other have attributed personhood to the Spirit. This question has been long debated partly because of the language used to describe the Trinity.  One particular difficulty is the use of the word “Person,” or “three Persons” of the Godhead.

The Holy Spirit: Working Behind the Scenes

The lesson this week takes us into some very interesting territory. It leads us to think about an aspect of the Holy Spirit that is very intriguing, namely that the Holy Spirit, for reasons not fully understood by us, works behind the scenes more than in the limelight. The official lesson even uses the word, “elusive.” If we ascribe personhood, or personality, to the Spirit, we could very quickly come to the conclusion that the Holy Spirit is somewhat introverted, perhaps.

Good Deeds from an Evil Heart? Sabbath School Podcast on James

Click the play button below for podcast of Alden Thompson, Pedrito Maynard-Reid and Dave Thomas discussing this week's Sabbath School lesson from the Book of James.


Synopsis: Doing, Not Just Hearing

Easter's Residue

Last month, Christians gathered together in unusually large numbers on account of a singular event that transpired outside the walls of Jerusalem some 2,000 yrs ago. We are among those who continue to gather, drawn by the story of a resurrection— the coming back to life of a person once dead.

And Be Kind

Scattered throughout the pages of Scripture, there can be found any number of verses notable for their capacity to convey whole concepts in few words. John 11:35 is one that comes to mind. There, through the simple words “Jesus wept,” a whole scene is conveyed. In John 19:18 also, four short words encompass the most portentous events in all human history: “There they crucified him.” Finally, there are the words of Paul set in the latter half of his epistle to the Ephesians. In the earlier half, his words about God, salvation and grace soar to great heights.

Sabbath Sermon: I Cannot Tell, But This I Know


If I were to go down from the pulpit this morning to spend some moments wandering up and down the aisles in the midst of this great congregation…

If I were to go with the intent of gathering up from you the things that are deeply troubling, the seemingly unanswerable questions, all the challenging interrogatives you live with and the things that have kept you awake at night pondering, I wonder what kind of a collection I would make?

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