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Daneen Akers

An Open Letter to Conservatives

As someone who is now known in Adventist circles as an advocate for listening to the stories of LGBT people of faith, particularly in the context of the church (see "Seventh-Gay Adventists"), I've had a lot of conversations with conservative Adventists who are sure that the Bible is unequivocal in its clear condemnation of homosexuality. And I truly respect and understand that there are a diverse range of theological paradigms in the Adventist church (and the wider world of Christianity) right now around this topic.

Brian McLaren on Identity and the Importance of Liturgy

Chattanooga, Tennessee, Sabbath morning — Brian McLaren continued the talk he began last night about the challenges facing Christianity if we are to define our identity through kindness and benevolent towards others rather than a hostile identity that divides the world into "us" and "them."

A Report on the "Gays in the Family" Conference

This weekend I attended the "Gays in the Family" conference put on by the North Pacific Union Conference's Family Ministries department.

Update on the 'Seventh-Gay Adventists' Screening Tour

I'm writing this update from Denver where we had a screening of the Seventh-Gay Adventists film, and then we're heading to two quite different screenings for audiences that I wish could meet each other. The first is a screening at the Capital Memorial Church in D.C. that is part of a whole evening dedicated to talking about homosexuality in the church and will include quite a diversity of perspectives (including Nick Miller, Roy Gane, and Jason Hines).

A Response to Andy Nash's Review of "Seventh-Gay Adventists"

The July 19 issue of The Adventist Review includes a column by Andy Nash, a journalism teacher and pastor at Southern Adventist University, about what he feels is missing from our new documentary film, Seventh-Gay Adventists: A film about faith on the margins.

An Update on Seventh-Gay Adventists

It's been about three years since my husband, Stephen Eyer, and I first realized that the best way to respond to our deep disappointment about Prop 8 (the same-sex marriage ban in CA) passing was to make a film that focused on the stories of gay and lesbian Adventists in an effort to change hearts and minds in the pews through the power of story.

Open Thread: Your Fall Reading Suggestions

The summer heat and beach reading days are gone, which, for me, always tends to mean I turn toward more significant reading material. My bedside reading table is full of books that are quite new to my repertoire--books on parenting, childbirth, and such. (I'd love good book suggestions on nurturing your child's spirituality from you parents and grandparents out there.) I know I always enjoy getting book recommendations from this community. What books have you either read recently and want to recommend or are looking forward to reading?

Reminder for Book & Film Club

For the Bible Tells Me So.jpg
Just a reminder of this month's book and film club selections. If you haven't had a chance to read the book or view the film, act quickly! You can find all of the upcoming selections, here. Our discussion starts after Labor Day. Book: Christianity And Homosexuality: Some Seventh-day Adventist Perspectives Edited by David Ferguson, Fritz Guy and David Larson Film: For The Bible Tells Me So 

From the Archives: A Response to Prophetess of Health

Editor’s Note: After 32 years, Prophetess of Health has been republished. To mark this event, Spectrum interviewed Ron Numbers about the book, his experience of Adventism, and the church’s response to this historic book. Additionally, I chose a classic review from a cluster of reviews originally published in 1977 to help us revisit the topic. 
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