Rich Hannon

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  • 11/30/2017

    Women’s ordination (WO) is probably, at present, the most divisive issue being discussed in the Adventist church. The role of women in Christianity is, to be sure, not just an Adventist topic....

  • 08/31/2017

    In 1895 H.G. Wells published a science fiction novel titled The Time Machine. It became a literary classic, eventually adapted into multiple film versions. It has also been heavily analyzed for...

  • 06/29/2017

    Some months back I had occasion to review the events comprising the General Conference’s August 2014 International Conference on the Bible and Science: Affirming Creation, held in St. George, Utah...

  • 03/16/2017

    Recently, an evangelical Christian organization called “The Truth Project” released a film in the U.S. titled Is Genesis History? It had a one-night screening on February 23rd, in various theaters...


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