Ken Curtis

  • 12/14/2018

    Once again, we find ourselves in the midst of the season that celebrates the birth of Jesus — that moment when the one who breathed the breath of life into Adam, in ways we cannot fully wrap our...

  • 08/01/2018

    Well, it’s about time! Probably most of us can easily think of ways that sentiment has punctuated the flow of our lives. In its more lighthearted forms, it might simply mean, “We’re glad you’re...

  • 04/08/2018

    Listen to this story: Editor’s Note: This is the continuation of a series of articles by Ken Curtis.

  • 07/28/2017

    “I’m a recovering speed addict—and I don’t mean the drug. I’m talking about the inner pace of my life. I always seemed to be in a hurry. I was the guy who looked for the fastest-moving lane on the...