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Jason Hines

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  • 12/24/2020

    Jesus came down in the form of a man, born of a woman, to save us from our sins. How often do we think about all that Christ gave up to accomplish that task?

  • 11/26/2020

    Thanksgiving is easily my favorite holiday of the year. In times past, I would devote this space on this day to a message of thankfulness. In these days it’s difficult to hold to that. Even so, I...

  • 10/22/2020

    Yesterday the Orlando Sentinel published an article about the firing of an Adventist teacher at an Adventist school once it became public knowledge that he is gay.  This type of situation brings...

  • Supreme Court

    Congratulations to the Conservative evangelical movement. You did it. The nation is about to become more of the Christian nation you want it to be. And all you had to do was drag Jesus through the...