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  • 08/30/2021

    Op-Ed: The Hope Channel and the Zambian Presidential Inauguration. "The Adventist Church in Zambia, and the region, needs to tread carefully on how it relates with members who occupy political...

  • 06/29/2021

    Maybe it's time to look again at the lamb-like beast of Revelation 13 in the context of today's world, instead of the 1840s.

  • 05/10/2021

    The future of Adventism lies in a local church that is unshackled from institutional chains characterized by rigidity at the expense of practicality, and compliance with tradition to the detriment...

  • 05/03/2021

    There is a deconstruction taking place among many in Adventism, a questioning of one’s religious experience in search of meaning, authenticity, and relevance more than truthfulness.