Website Technical Problems - an Update

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August 9, 2009

Since last Wednesday or Thursday we have experienced severe performance problems on the website. Frequently the site has been essentially inaccesible, at other times just very slow.
It appears the basic problem is that the server machine we presently reside on is just inadequate to handle the steadily increasing workload. Our statistics show that the traffic has grown and eventually has overwhelmed the server. Surprisingly this came on suddenly, instead of just incremental, increasing slowness.
Obviously, we cannot maintain the status quo. So we are migrating the website to a much more powerful server. And it will cost us considerably more than we are presently paying.
We hope to have the migration done in the next day or so and anticipate major improvement. We will update you when the conversion has completed, but hopefully the speed improvement will be obvious. Until then, we appreciate your patience.

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