Of Wild Raspberries, Wooly Prophets, and Wonder


the sunrise over the dairy,

like a slice of almond cherry pie,

all for you.


These words appear in my mind as I run round a bend in the river valley. It’s 6:00 a.m. and a flock of swallows skims around in the morning light. Over them the vast sky opens up as my path cuts through fields of corn. I am caught up in an overwhelming sense of God’s embrace. Beloved, I know you would love a slice of almond cherry pie, but here’s this.

3 AM

Continuing reflections on the spirituality of parenting....

It’s 3 AM, and we’re having another conversation about who should rock the baby, based on who is likely to get more sleep this night.

At least, that’s what I think we’re talking about. We might actually be talking about the theological implications of molinism or how to assemble a nuclear collider for all that I can follow the conversation.

A Blessing in Disguise

We're continuing to share reflections on the spirituality of parenting. Why? Because all of us, whether or not we're parents, have been parented, and it is one of the most familiar metaphors for God. So there must be much for us to learn and gather from this theme.

Snakes Good or Evil

This morning we found a snake by the back door. Couldn’t be sure, from our timid distance, whether rattler or bull snake. If rattler, we’d grab hoe and chop. If it were in the wild, we’d leave it be, but this close to house, close to tender bare feet and curious dogs, it’s too dangerous. If a bull snake, we’d welcome it to make its home in the crawl space under the house. They’re harmless, handy actually, for eating rodents.

Since we couldn’t tell, we let it slither away.

Blessing and Promise: Because God Loves More Than We Do

A mother, who wishes to remain anonymous, reflects on her experience of coming to cherish her adopted son and struggling with the hard reality of life.

What Being a Dad is Teaching Me about Jesus

Happy Father's Day from Spectrum! Meet Leslie Samuel and his baby boy, Noah, and watch as this father talks about how he's learned to trust and relax into God.

Little Noah was born in November and since then he has been the joy of our lives. I’ve learned a lot from the experience so far – even about Jesus. Does it make sense for little Noah to take the responsibility of getting to know me from the time of his birth? I didn’t think so. And I think this lesson applies to my relationship with God....

A Crick in My Neck: Prayer As Authentic Voice

Continuing Spectrum’s series on the Spirituality of Parenting, Joelle Chase picks up where she left off (see her previous post, Beyond All Odds: Prayer As Silence, here), finding yet another way to pray through her father’s cavernous malformation (abnormally formed blood vessels, leaking blood) in his brain stem.

Beyond All Odds: Prayer As Silence

As a part of our series on the Spirituality of Parenting, Joelle Chase reflects on a time when her knowing of earthly and heavenly fathers’ vulnerability coincided.

Light in Darkness

Author Erin Gray shares insights into the work of bees as metaphor for the spirituality of parenting.

Father Fails into Grace

Continuing our theme Spirituality of Parenting, Michael Bennie, a father of three daughters, offers a reflection on how becoming a parent changed everything.

She came like a pearl from the oyster, a glistening gem wrested from blood and tangled tissue. Her life begun, our life-as-before ended. What had God wrought?

Suddenly, I was more like God than ever before—I had co-created this miraculous being! She needed me, trusted me, belonged to me, reflected me. Along with her mommy, I was her source, her sustenance. Maker and protector.

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