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Cherish Desire


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The Fear of God: Learning to Trust the Holy Spirit

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Terrified, I clung to the microphone, very aware of the hundreds of college students surrounding me.

Prophetic Workshop: Christian Music and the Heart of God


Two weeks ago I attended an event that looked very colorful in my datebook.

Doubting Like Children


I first heard of Therese of the Child Jesus and the Holy Face about ten years ago. Mother Teresa of Calcutta had been my hero since I was just a girl, so when I learned that Therese was Teresa’s patron saint, I loved her. She immediately became significant on my horizon.



Only now, five months later, do I feel ready to write about Juarez. The images, sensations and stories have been stored up. When I returned people asked, “What was it like?” There wasn’t much to say. Sad. Powerful. “Why did you go?” I don’t know.

Falling In Love with Frank


“I’m falling in love with Frank,” I told my husband. He raised a puzzled eyebrow and asked, “Who’s Frank?”

Discerning Truth


Delcy Kuhlman is the founder of Still Waters Retreat Center in Buchanan, Michigan. Read Spectrum's interview with Delcy here.

Counseling in a Church Setting

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“My name is Sally[1] and I need some help. Things are just falling apart and I’m not sure what to do.” A phone call similar to this one comes into my office at least once a month if not more. I am a marriage and family therapist and a Seventh-day Adventist pastor.

Practicing Personal Communion

Communion server-2.jpg

What “has your heart” spiritually? What spiritual experience would you really like to be able to share in a way that makes both you and your listener glad that you did?

Parousia: A Spiritual Discipline


The Need for an Eschatological Spirituality

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