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T. Joe Willey

The “Woman Clothed with the Sun” Who Failed to Give Birth to the Second Messiah

I was at first in doubt whether it would be advisable to introduce any mention of this wretched body of fanatics in the present work: but since they have established regular houses of worship … since the delusion has spread abroad amongst the middle and lower classes to a considerable, nay, to an incredible extent, and especially since a daring prediction of a pretended Messiah, to be born of this woman about the latter end of the present year (1814) has received a species of countenance which could hardly have been believed without the support of undoubted testimony, the Southc

Ronald Numbers, Honored

With a warm welcome, the tall, casually dressed Pastor Brent Coupland stepped to the lower stage in what is called the most beautiful building in Florida and gave a brief history of the Presbyterian church in Tallahassee where the conference honoring Ronald L. Numbers

The Accreditation of La Sierra University: Tampering with Financial Consequences

Here are a few reasons why abiding by secular standards is important. La Sierra University, as well as other Adventist schools, has taken on long-term debt through municipal issued tax-exempt bonds to support capital improvements. Like the others these bonds have prohibited use covenants that commit LSU to separate secular activities from sacred uses of the bond proceeds.

The Accreditation of La Sierra University: A Formal Notice of Concern

As a consequence of failing to systematically resolve the creation vs. evolution controversy, failure to rely on the appropriate authority of the faculty and administration plus the forced resignations of three faculty members (resulting in a lawsuit), the Western Association of Schools and Colleges team forwarded a recommendation to the WASC Commission that a “formal Notice of Concern” be issued to La Sierra University.

The Accreditation of La Sierra University: Creationism Goes Extreme


For a couple of years LSU has been suffering near-hysteria over the advancement of creationism in biology driven in part by a web-based self-appointed tribunal sitting in judgment on how evolution enters the intellectual space for teaching biological sciences. The outside-induced controversy came to the attention of church leaders and eventually to AAA and WASC.

The Accreditation of La Sierra University: Background Differences Between Church and State Accrediting

The fundamentalist filter may have strained out enough atheism to preserve a kernel of supernatural Christianity, but for intellectual purposes, fundamentalism also strained out most of the ingredients required for a life of the mind. —Mark Noll. The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind. 1994.

Two Horses in the Ring

'Darwin: A Portrait of a Genius'—A Review

Acclaimed historian Paul Johnson is a rare author who can synthesize the life of a great historical figure and write up his findings in enjoyable prose, informative and interesting narrative. Darwin: A Portrait of a Genius is just such a book and part of the Penguin Life Series, which includes other volumes contributed by Johnson including: Socrates: A Man of Our Times; Napoleon: A Life; Jesus: A Biography from a Believer and Churchill. The brevity of such books necessitates that these works are not exhaustive.

Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation

Two simultaneous events occurred on October 1844 that shaped the future for the Adventist mind.  The first was the immediate and irrefutable prophetic failure of the expected second coming (the Great Disappointment).  The second was the provocative publication of Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation by an anonymous Scottish author which carried a delayed and less spectacular impact on the theological and scientific worldview of future Adventism.  

Continued Analysis of La Sierra University Student Survey Reveals Faulty Allegations

For more than two years the biology program at La Sierra University (LSU) has been in the maelstrom of controversy over the teaching of evidence-based science as opposed to young-earth creationism. This conflict has gone so far, according to an Adventist Review article, that some believe that the university is teaching the “theory of evolution to biology students as the explanation for the origin of life.” This is an example of conflated polemics that arises when the worlds of science and religion collide and wash over each other.

RE: Embrances of Academies Past - A Letter to the Class of 1957


A Spoof Letter on Growing Up in Academy in the 1950s

Greetings Class,

Can you believe it has been fifty years since we graduated from the academy? I’m quite sure our teachers never thought we’d amount to much of anything since we were a bothersome lot. They are dead now and can no longer praise or sympathize with us. Because of my heart condition, I am unable to attend the reunion. Another thing, I went around a corner the other day and my left leg fell off. I am in a wheel chair now.

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