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Matthew Quartey

The African Church Leadership and the GC President: An Unhealthy Relationship

The GC President wants to take over Unions who continue to ordain women. During last year’s Fall Council meeting, he acquiesced, reluctantly, to a one-year delay to give the recalcitrant Unions opportunity to pray their way out of error. The year is up, and Elder Wilson wants to make good on his threat and rein in those Unions he deems uncompliant with the San Antonio directive.

With Suffering, Words Can Poison Comfort

Suffering, like death, comes to us all. And like death, it comes not to enrich but to gnaw and chip at the sinews. Finally fatigued, we give in to death's unwelcome embrace.

If This Is Our Father’s World, Why Won’t We Call It Home?

Maltbie Babcock’s poem "This Is My Father’s World" was written just before the turn of the 20th century and adapted to music in 1915. The music version comprises only three of the original sixteen verses and has become an inter-denominational favorite. Throughout, Babcock sings to nature and nature’s God. He points to nature in its most ordinary: rocks, trees, and birds; the skies, seas, and the morning light.

The Courage to Say ‘No!’ When the Bible Counsels Otherwise

For many of us, the Sabbath School hour is the most anticipated and enjoyable part of church ritual. I am a member of the “best” Sabbath School class anywhere in the Adventist universe. I know that’s hyperbole, but you’re welcome to believe that yours is better. My class is small to medium in size, composed mostly of retired Andrews University professors from different academic disciplines plus a handful of current AU teachers. Also included are a few brave souls like myself who have no affiliation to the AU teaching cadre. 

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