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Jan M. Long

Adventist Postmodernism: Analyzing the Credibility of Fundamental Belief #6

In San Antonio a few weeks ago, Church delegates voted modifications to the wording of Fundamental Belief #6 having to do with the Genesis story of creation. The innocent sounding word "recent" was added, declaring that the creation was recent. While there were other words added that probably deserve attention also, brevity requires that I keep the discussion to this one word.

Viewpoint: Strategic Thinking to Avoid Miscues and Blunders

The by-invitation-only International Conference on the Bible and Science: Affirming Creation, sponsored by the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, concluded on Monday this week. While the details

The Spiritual Brain: A Scientific Examination of Religious Beliefs

In a provocatively titled book, Did Man Create God? David Comings, a physician with fellowships in neuroscience and genetics, offers up an underlying thesis that humans have in fact created God.

Bringing the Real World to Genesis: Some Concluding Thoughts that Motivated this Series

Over the past many months through this series we have examined the scientific method and considered significant pieces of data that would seem to either shed light on our interpretations of Genesis, or represent points of caution.

Our Common Bonds

We live in turbulent times, particularly in the United States, where ideology seems to drive us from one manufactured political crisis to another. Most recently, we have been taken to the brink of an economic abyss through a debt default - only to be given a few weeks reprieve when the cycle may be repeated.

Bringing the Real World to Genesis: Why Evolution is an Idea that Won’t Die—VI

In the previous articles of this sub-series I have explored biology through the eyes of science, and from this exercise it is now possible to distill several points that have important implications. First, while many Adventists express hostility to the term “evolution,” it really means nothing more than “change,” and change in and of itself is neither good nor bad—it just is.

Bringing the Real World to Genesis: Why Evolution is an Idea that Won’t Die—V

Over the previous four articles I have discussed a number of the more significant aspects of evolution. It is a concept that is multifaceted, with many aspects well documented and some that remain more speculative. If Adventist readers of the last article found the data unsettling, this particular article may prove a little more comforting—it having to do with the question of biological origins. 

Bringing the Real World to Genesis: Why Evolution is an Idea that Won’t Die—IV

In the last article I explored contemporary developments in biology that now permit it to proceed in a precise quantitative fashion. This was a very important article that built the foundation for this current article. With this in mind I turn now to one of the most controversial parts of evolutionary science—that having to do with common descent. Since antiquity the Judeo-Christian narrative has held that humans were a specific creation of God on day-6 of creation week—not the product of common descent.  Yet science is finding evidence that would seem to fit a different narrative.

Bringing the Real World to Genesis: Why Evolution is an Idea that Won’t Die—III

In the last article I discussed the credibility of two key ideas related to evolutionary science, namely mutations and natural selection. As it stands, it is generally recognized that nothing in biology makes sense outside of acceptance of these two processes, and more importantly they are well documented. In this article I am going to direct our attention to the most significant development in biology over the past few decades. It is a development that has fundamentally changed the conversation.

Bringing the Real World to Genesis: Why Evolution Is an Idea that Won’t Die—II

In the last article I considered the general context in which changes in biological organisms take place. In this article, I am going to go a step further and look more in depth at some of the specific mechanisms in play.

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