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Hanz Gutierrez

Can the Church Decide Your Panties’ Color? – Cape Town 3

With this column I conclude a threefold reflection on the SDA Church Cape Town summit on alternatives sexualities. The first presentation (Sexuality and Human Developmental Identity - Cape Town 1) approached the topic from an anthropological perspective, affirming that sexuality is a positive human problem for everybody, not just homosexuals.

Does the Bible Really Speak About Sex? Cape Town 2

The unanimous theological conclusion of  the four day 2014 Cape Town Summit ‘In God’s Image’: Scripture, Sexuality, And Society, on Biblical hermeneutical grounds, was that not only does the Bible clearly speak about sex, but it also speaks with eternal, exhaustive and clear principles for all ages without distinction. We just need to diligently apply those principles and all sex problems should be resolved, homosexuality included.

Sexuality and Human Developmental Identity - Cape Town 1

Top leaders of the SDA church will be meeting in Cape Town, South Africa, next week, March 17-20/2014, for the ‘In God’s Image’: Scripture, Sexuality, And Society Summit.

Theodrama of an Anorexic Theology - 3

President Ted Wilson’s November 2013 “State of the Church” address doesn't evidence only a psychological or a sociological anomaly in Adventism today, as we have commented in the two previous columns[1]. The address itself is theologically problematic.

Más allá del argumento bíblico sobre la ordenación de la mujer - (I)

(Este columna fue publicada originalmente en inglés el pasado mes de octubre. El primer párrafo resume los primeros párrafos del texto original. El segundo es un añadido nuestro. A partir del tercero, el texto está traducido íntegramente.)


¿Puede el adventismo ser también latinoamericano? Traducción, hibridación y globalización (V)

Con este artículo cerramos la serie de cinco reflexiones analíticas (1,2,3,

Sociodrama of a Diligent Church - 2

Should all religious communities be periodically assessed? Should they be only assessed in their practice or also in their founding principles? Are the claimed founding principles of a community always biblical or rather are they already an interpretation of the bible, mixed with some cultural conditioning elements? Are these cultural conditioning elements necessarily negative? Are they absolute? How should intrinsic and extrinsic evaluative perspectives be combined? Are continuous evaluations necessarily heterogeneous?

Psychodrama of a Heroic President - 1

Seventh-day Adventist Church President Ted N. C. Wilson released, last month, a “State of the Church” address in which he updated the denomination on its mission and membership growth and highlighted concerns, including lack of involvement and disunity. The most prominent annual speech of the Adventist Church president has traditionally been delivered as the Sabbath sermon during Annual Council, a nearly week-long meeting of the denomination’s Executive Committee.

¿Puede el adventismo ser también latinoamericano? Lenguaje, narración y simoblismo (IV)

En los tres artículos precedentes hemos tratado de describir la relación entre el adventismo y Latinoamérica desde un punto de vista de las oportunidades que ofrece la cultura latinoamericana al adventismo y a la religión en general para una nueva articulación de la experiencia religiosa y viceversa a partir de la relevancia que representa el modelo estructural teológico-bíblico adventista para Latinoamérica como posibilidad de enriquecimiento no solo religioso sino también cultural.

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