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Eddy Johnson

The Church, like Israel, has Fallen into Idolatry

"You shall have no other god besides me” (Exodus 20:3).

“The battle is not between faith and unbelief but between faith and idolatry” (Kierkegard).

The focus of this article is neither idolatry in terms of how it was experienced and practiced in biblical times (and to some extent even today in religious systems like Hinduism), nor is the focus on money, popularity, fame, entertainment, pornography, etc. which Christians often define as modern forms of idolatry.

The Closing of the Adventist Mind Revisited, and Confirmed

In 2011 I wrote an article entitled “The Closing of the Adventist Mind” (title borrowed from Professor Allan Bloom’s book and adapted) that Spectrum published.

Does the Timing of Creation Really Matter?

I would like to propose a different interpretation of Genesis 1 and 2, which removes the problems linked to a "6,000-year-old earth" dating of the creation as outlined in the Fundamental Beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.  Many would argue, maybe rightly, that the position taken by the church raises a number of hard-to-solve problems, which are conveniently ignored by most for fear of being labelled heretics.&nb

Of Birds and Lilies

Let's talk about three possible human responses to life events.

The Law of Unintended Negative Consequences

Rabbits were firsts introduced to Australia for food.  What nobody foresaw was that the rapid, explosive growth of the small furry animals quickly turned rabbits into a major pest that destroyed the open grassland and other grazing areas.  This in turn impacted the natural fauna whose food supply was greatly reduced.  The sheep industry was also negatively impacted.

‘A la Carte’ Religion: A Challenge to Traditional Evangelism

The postmodern mind is besieged by a barrage of information that numbs its ability to analyze and sort out one idea from the next.  This prevents the construct of a well-thought-through worldview and leaves men and women with no reliable sense of direction.  Incoherence is the norm of human activities, as can be observed in the arts and music for example, and the addiction to mindless video games. People no longer believe in anything.  Faith is dead.

A Different View of Revival—Part II

With apologies to Pastor Eddy Johnson for the delayed publication, we present the second part of Pastor Johnson’s article “A Different View of Revival.” Part I appeared this last January.

A Different View of Revival—Part I

A while ago I wrote an article entitled Revival, Revival, Revival. I postulated that revival is not primarily about preparing for the advent, and that revival will not come because of some rigorously practiced religious exercises. In fact, I believe that there is no cause and effect process between the practicing of the prescriptions and genuine revival.

The Closing of the Adventist Mind

In Allan Bloom’s seminal work The Closing of the American Mind, published in 1987, professor Bloom argued that American youth were in danger of passing by their collective destiny because, pressured by a number of factors which he described at length, they were fast losing the ability to think for themselves; that is if they had not lost it already. Almost overnight the book became a best seller and Bloom’s work was acclaimed by many and soundly criticized by many as well. This post is not about assessing the merit of the book or the lack thereof.

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