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Andrew McChesney

A Missionary Legacy Started With Steamship Love Letters

Remembering Roy E. Brooks and his family’s extraordinary mission service.

Roy E. Brooks could be described as the quintessential Seventh-day Adventist missionary.

Born to British missionary parents, Brooks grew up speaking fluent English and Spanish in Argentina. He moved to the United States for his university studies and, after getting married, served as a missionary in Uruguay and Argentina. He also worked for years at Loma Linda University in California and served a stint as South American Division treasurer.

Adventist Hero in Rwanda’s Genocide Shares Faith at UN

Carl Wilkens sees speaking engagements as an opportunity to share Christ through storytelling.

The Seventh-day Adventist who saved the lives of hundreds of orphans during Rwanda’s 1994 genocide joined the United Nations secretary-general and other figures in addressing a special memorial ceremony at the UN headquarters in New York.

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