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Top 10: Spectrum Lovin' Cities

A ranking of the number of visits per city over the last year.

10 Sydney

9 Brooklyn

8 Los Angeles

7 Evans, Georgia (I wonder who lives here. : )

Top 10: Spectrum Lovin' Countries

Continuing our Top 10 "end of the year" countdown, here are the top ten countries in terms of visits to Spectrum.

All total we have:

337,891 visits from 205 countries/territories

10 Argentina* 1,872

9 Germany 2,005

8 Chile 2,006 (that was close)

7 Brazil 2,106

6 Spain 2,413

5 Mexico 2,861

4 Australia 10,189

3 United Kingdom 11,423

2 Canada 11,976

1 United States 256,940

With all the Spanish speaking countries, kudos to Johnny and our Café Hispano team.

Top 10: Spectrum Articles


Here on the Spectrum Blog we're taking it a little easy through the holidays and counting our blessings. As the site inches toward the big one million pageviews mark we're going to be counting several year end top ten lists. The first is the top ten most read articles this year on the whole Spectrum site.

10 Adventist Ideas Whose Time Has Come

The Mother of Beauty

A tragic accident took the lives of four college students in Napa recently, but the response to their deaths has been anything but tragic. Nancy LeCourt comments.

Happy Human Rights Day

I should have had this up on December 10. It was the 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

I challenge (for fun) anyone to go over to Religious (the emerging undistracted voice in Adventist religious liberty issues) and read the entire declaration (it's short). Is there anything with which you disagree?

Atlantic Union College and Loma Linda University Move Toward Affiliation Agreement


A press release: South Lancaster, Massachusetts— The initial details of a planned campus affiliation between Loma Linda University (LLU), Loma Linda, California, and Atlantic Union College, South Lancaster, Massachusetts, was voted by the Loma Linda University Board of Trustees today (Wednesday, December 10).

Asimo Visits Penang Adventist Hospital

According to the Star Online: Honda's humanoid robot Asimo made an appearance at the Penang Adventist Hospital (Malaysia) two weeks ago to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the heart patient fund. "The adorable robot entertained children with its cool moves and effortless mobility."

Cliff Goldstein's Historical-Critical Method


In defending his early dating of Daniel, Cliff dismisses the historical-critical method, which he rightly recognizes has been problematized in recent scholarship.

My Response to Andy Nash Regarding Daniel 2

Andy Nash asks:

If I understand correctly, you're saying it's not necessarily an issue of great importance whether Daniel was written (by an actual prophet named Daniel )in 600 BCE or by someone else in 167 BCE--after at least some of the events in question had come to pass. Is that a fair understanding?

Doctorf wrote: "...lets say the later date 167 BCE is correct. Once again what does the date have to do with spiritual meaning of the story?"

New Podcast Posted!


Thanks to Julius Nam, we're proud to relay a recent audio conversation between:

  • Ryan Bell, Pastor of Hollywood Seventh-day Adventist Church in Los Angeles, and author of Intersections blog.
  • Lisa Clark Diller, Associate Professor of History at Southern Adventist University
  • Kumar Dixit, Associate Pastor of New Hope Church in Fulton, Maryland, and author of Wondering About God blog.
  • Julius Nam, Associate Professor of Religion, Loma Linda University

They discuss the state of the local Adventist church.

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