Alexander Carpenter

Cliff Goldstein's Historical-Critical Method


In defending his early dating of Daniel, Cliff dismisses the historical-critical method, which he rightly recognizes has been problematized in recent scholarship.

My Response to Andy Nash Regarding Daniel 2

Andy Nash asks:

If I understand correctly, you're saying it's not necessarily an issue of great importance whether Daniel was written (by an actual prophet named Daniel )in 600 BCE or by someone else in 167 BCE--after at least some of the events in question had come to pass. Is that a fair understanding?

Doctorf wrote: "...lets say the later date 167 BCE is correct. Once again what does the date have to do with spiritual meaning of the story?"

New Podcast Posted!


Thanks to Julius Nam, we're proud to relay a recent audio conversation between:

  • Ryan Bell, Pastor of Hollywood Seventh-day Adventist Church in Los Angeles, and author of Intersections blog.
  • Lisa Clark Diller, Associate Professor of History at Southern Adventist University
  • Kumar Dixit, Associate Pastor of New Hope Church in Fulton, Maryland, and author of Wondering About God blog.
  • Julius Nam, Associate Professor of Religion, Loma Linda University

They discuss the state of the local Adventist church.

Video Adventist News - The South Pacific Tells the Truth about Growth

  • Adventist Church leaders raise concerns about membership growth,
  • Disconnect between environmental beliefs and action,
  • Adventists appointed to leadership roles of PNG's Womans Christian Temperance Union,
  • Dietitians explore the case for going vegetarian,
  • A new Adventist Church in Australia called the benchmark for all future church buildings

Adventist News Roundup


A local paper in the Shenandoah Valley reports:

Frozen gravy, boxed stuffing and whole turkeys seemed to fly out of the Seventh-day Adventist Church on Tuesday as volunteers continued their annual holiday food distribution.

In just two hours, the church's volunteers cleared 127 turkeys, about 300 apples and more than 500 pounds of canned fruits and vegetables from the building, their largest distribution ever.

Why is the Church Silent on Gen. Nkunda? (now/ GC statement!)


UPDATE: See this morning's GC statement in the comments.

I'm surprised that the Adventist Church has not issued an official statement clarifying the current church standing and Adventist history of the the Congo warlord Laurent Nkunda.

Indigenous Theologians Discuss Christianity

From Sojourners' Magazine, here's Rev Richard Twiss, Terry Leblanc and Raymond Aldred, Ph.D. talking about the revival of indigenous theology in North America.

Their discussion of Christianity (informed by Ricoeur and Gadamer) from their Native American perspective raises some significant questions about how we approach the early chapters in Genesis, the environment and acts of charity. These theologians reveal how context and all our particularities of identity can create deeper meaning for Christians.

World Adventism Roundup

Loma Linda preps for new hospital.

Hobbes' Place
reports on Adventists at the American Academy of Religion meetings in Chicago.

Some questions are being raised about Adventist Health's accounting practices. More on that here.

Video| Adventist News

  • Famous Australian vocalist to sing at Sydney Adventist Hospital's Carols by Candlelight;

Slide Lecture: Ellen White - Wife, Mother


Here is another excellent slide lecture by Jeff Crocombe, Professor of History, Helderberg College, South Africa.

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