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Is Oakwood Adventism's Most Successful Music Program?

On Sunday, The Huntsville Times noted, "each year, the Oakwood University Aeolians have a remarkable collection of young voices that make up the choir. Some come to the small Seventh Day Adventist college for the music program and specifically to be part of the elite group of singers. In the 60-plus years of the Aeolians’ history, a number of professional musicians have emerged from the program." The article goes on to describe almost a dozen musical careers and includes some great video of representative performances.

The article concludes: "Perhaps next on the list of professional musicians to emerge from Oakwood will be Whitney Morrison, a current Aeolian who is working on her bachelor’s degree in music in vocal performance and pedagogy. She won the National Classical Singer University Competition, which was held in New York City, in September 2010."

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