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Tweeting the Meeting: Engaged, Connected, and Invested


A recurring theme this week at Annual Council 2017 has been a desire to “engage and connect” with young people. Several presenters expressed dismay at Millennials seeming lack of involvement in the Adventist Church, while others offered a bevy of solutions, including redesigned websites and targeted content. Through it all, one thing was clear: young adults were already actively engaged, live-streaming the meetings and tweeting responses – especially during the discussion on the “Procedures for Reconciliation and Adherence in Church Governance” document. Below is a collection of tweets from young adults who were engaged, connected, and invested during yesterday afternoon’s discussion.

Young adults tuned in to watch live:

Some expressed thoughts on Ted Wilson’s call to Executive Committee members to “relax.”

Irony over spending time discussing time allotment was noted.

Dismay was expressed about the amount of time it takes to count ballots by hand.

Many were praying throughout the session.

Autocorrect sometimes wreaked havoc.

Hensley Moorooven’s soothing voice as he read the 14-page document led to awe and a new fan base.

The length of the document came as a surprise to many.

There was concern about the secrecy surrounding the document and the lack of time Executive Committee members were given for review.

When Ted Wilson expressed his disappointment about continued leaks of documents, people reacted.

People had thoughts on the content of the document. A lot of thoughts.

While in line to speak, an Executive Committee member let Twitter know the press table was full of Millennials.

Occasionally, someone took a bathroom break… but #GCAC17 was there to update them on their return.

When confusion on the floor mounted, Twitter responded.

Finally, it was time to vote on whether to send the document back to the Unity in Mission Oversight Committee. Twitter users waited with bated breath…

…And responded in a variety of ways when the “yes” vote carried, and the document was sent back to the committee.

Find more discussion on this year’s Annual Council on Twitter. The official hashtag is #GCAC17. The meetings are also being live-streamed on the General Conference Executive Committee website.


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