Views: Church Politics

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  • Written By: Peter Roennfeldt
    June 03, 2019

    Who Gave You Authority to Baptize?

    Who can baptize? Adventist policy is clear: Adventist pastors alone have the authority to baptize, and that, under the authority of the Conference...
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  • Written By: Leroy Sykes
    May 29, 2019

    Real Sinners

    The debate over which sins are most offensive to God is as old as time itself. Early Christians struggle to know whether or not to welcome...
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  • Written By: Kim Allan Johnson
    May 24, 2019

    Two Models of Church: Which One You...

    Every Seventh-day Adventist has their own particular ideas about “how to be church.” The collective mental model a congregation adopts becomes the...
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  • Written By: Ganoune Diop, Adventist News Network
    May 17, 2019

    Commentary: What Seventh-day Adventists...

    In the case of Burundi, the core violation of religious liberty is the refusal of the government to accept the decision of the Seventh-day Adventist...
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  • Written By: Steve Yeagley, NAD Ministerial
    May 06, 2019

    “Queer Eye” and the Divine Gaze: Shame...

    What can five gay TV personalities teach 21st century Christians about grace? Before considering this question, perhaps we should ask another. What...
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  • Written By: Brandon Beneche
    May 03, 2019

    The Young Adult’s Burden

    A lot of young adults have had frustrating experiences with “the grown-ups.” We feel judged and misunderstood; we see deficiencies in our leaders and...
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  • Written By: Meryl James-Sebro
    May 01, 2019

    A Challenge to 21st Century Christian...

    Jesus knew, understood, and appreciated the talents and skills of women, and He was not going to permit societal tradition to hinder Him from...
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  • Written By: Jeeyoung Lee
    April 24, 2019

    Get a Life! A Paradigm Shift for...

    We do not deal too well with diversity and most of us are dedicated to keeping our status quo (yes, even the fighting) out of fear. Thus, we must...
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  • Written By: Leroy Sykes
    April 23, 2019

    They’re Fighting Again!

    If someone knocked on the door of the church, a disgusted teenager on his way out might answer, “Yes Sir, there are just a few of them in there, but...
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  • Written By: Dennis Stevens
    April 19, 2019

    Eliminate the GC? An Alternate Model

    While eliminating the GC, or the Divisions, or the Unions has been bantered about for some time, just eliminating one or more of these organizations...
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